Established in 2013, 2EIO Sounds is a record label built from the ground up to spotlight new and upcoming artists.

The 2E family has noticed that other than SoundCloud and Twitter, there are not many well-known popular channels for independent artists to broadcast their music, or for their fans to really get to know them. Radio 2E began as a way for artists to connect with a wider audience. From Rap and Hip-Hop, to Country and Calypso, Radio 2E is built with diversity in mind. We are focused on personal interviews with artists and those in the music industry that typical music magazines simply can’t capture.

With Radio 2E, you can expect to be yourself, just as your music expresses you.

Radio 2E is hosted by a AJ and his team. Together they aim to bring you music from the most talented artists around, with a little humor here and there.



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